Buying a new shoes

Shop assistant: Hi there. Do you need any help?Vahagn: Hi. I really like these trainers. How much are they?Shop assistant: They’re seven thousand Armenian drams.Vahagn: OK. Do you have them in a 36.5?Shop assistant: I’ll have a look for you.Vahagn: Thanks.Shop assistant:  What color would you like?Vahagn: Orange, please.Shop assistant: OK, just a moment, please. We’ve got a 36.5 in red, but not in orange.Vahagn: Do you have size 37 in orange?Shop assistant: Yeah, sure. Do you want to try them?Vahagn: Yes, please. Shop assistant: How are they?Vahagn: I like them, but they’re a bit too big.Shop assistant: Do you want to try the red ones in your size?Vahagn: Mmm, no thanks. I don’t like the red ones too much.Shop assistant: Ah, OK. I’m sorry about that.Vahagn: Don’t worry. Thanks anyway. Bye.Shop assistant: Thanks a lot. Bye now.


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